Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Final Tread, to Under the Bed

Scaring grown-ups for a living
becomes wishy-washy;
all they wish is you'd wash
once in a while.

Been a murderer that appears
from under a couple's bed with a curved blade,
been a man-boy set on revenge after drowning
due to teenagers, in a crystalline lake.

I've taken on the role of a roll
in the loo, who when pulled along enough
reads "Someone's out to do bad things you".
(In blood. That was hard, acting as toilet paper with bloody scrawling).

Was a spinning top at the end of a movie.
It made folks argue on their way out, sure
but that was the limit of the malice.
So I had to get more obscure...

Such obscurity, however, leads to very thin presence.
Couldn't even get my craft burned for heat by peasants.
"What am I, a famine?" I'd try to shove it their mouths,
they just went ahead and died, leaving me veritably South.

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