Saturday, November 26, 2011

then, of course, *really* happy part

when i'm really happy i can see inside walls
it's not x-ray vision, it's just saying 'lol'
at somebody who is so far away from you, just say 'lol'
so that they can imagine you 'lol'ing, in order to

induce laughing.

very pleased today i hope you are too.
you aren't? well, let me put away the superglue.
it's not the superglue you need, but bonding;
look at me, i'm totally molecularly bonded.

Über happy.

Many say that somebody who's saying they're happy is not, really.
i guess if you're happy you're also irrevocably mute. and ARE YOU DEAF TOO?
if you like it like that ;)

Anyway, rainbows, my little pony
where adjacent pony-keeping rules.
So my pony is never confused with yours.
No need to brand anything.

What is the meaning of brand?

I see only a lush landscape,
whether in variation of greens,
or dark-pepper mental, crazy:
like the time we made you go get us coffee

and then, when you came back, we already had coffees.
We'd gone to get coffee *faster* than you!
You then realized you had been conned,
but no

We showered you with gifts and told you it's your birthday!

It was the best day.


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