Saturday, August 13, 2011

the big mess

yo yo yo yo yo yo i'm just sayin'
when that density props you to lorraine,
sensitivity to comments online is 'just playin''.

my arrogance i'm sure defies the lies that lie after
soaping themselves all this time with lye,
found in some backwater cultural artifact;

said with tact and no facts
slipping through the teeth.

Only facts both in your brain and heart,
veins and ateries, and neurons,

need to slip through anything, whatever it is,
just to get to wherever they need to

...wait ... did I say I was limiting myself to two things?



I'd really like to start, I want to part
with baseless accusations of demise of my soul.
I'm not absconded of it, simply playing with

its parameters because what else would you do?

If you saw your own soul, wouldn't you mess with it too?

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