Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things I Would Say To A Lover

Your hair is the fluffiest.
Full of fiesta and pretentiousness
and fiat,

Yellow in my hands,

I'm not angry, just a little hurt.
A Little Hurt,

Tiny one.
But who am I to discuss these complicated details,
with you after the ending of a movie about
some retard's inability to speak?

Kidding, kidding.

Always kidding. I remember
just joking one time, in your face,
and suddenly
you did not find me funny anymore.

You did not feel I had the capacity
to entertain you over the long term,
or retain your inclusiveness,
in any manner.

So obviously there are a ton
of things that have to be uttered by me
upon the wind (in lieu of you)
You know what? You are no Helena Bonham Carter.


My bad, my bad. This is not 'things I would say in anger'.


What I would say to a long gone lover is:
"I'm older now."

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