Friday, July 9, 2010

I Got Complexes

You'd think not
being able to walk
on a street without
getting that feeling

that you're about to collapse, was bad enough.

Now I can't be seen
by any human being
without the suspicion,
or perhaps the doubt

that my dick will definitely fall off.

I'm fine when I'm alone,
no problems whatsoever.
I can prance to my heart's content
in my studio apartment.

But if I exit to public areas, my penis will drop.

Not exactly lung cancer, true.
Which is what everyone thought would be my end.
Not a heart attack, nor aneurysm;
not a bullet pistoled by some angered husband.

Can leprosy infect an isolated organ is now my big question.

How did it come to this?
I'd taken all the pills necessary
to keep my cock top notch.
All the supplements in the world, I've found

won't save me from the fear of what will happen, if I am found.

Fuck you people.

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