Saturday, May 15, 2010

Juri Beeyotches! Bring on the Bosintang!

Guys, this is my ode to Juri from Super Street Fighter IV. Please be happy for me, I gots me a woman again!

sick of all the peoples' pets

sick of wasted meat that could be eaten
if not for some dumb brain deciding
this was some kind of dwell point for the soul.

tired of saying hi to you
then seeing your gormless face
stare in a circle between me
and your stupid pet.

repeatedly, expectantly,

as though just cos you spent time with it
i may magically acquire similar sentiments
through osmosis or psychically or something,
you know what, why limit it to animals?

i went to see a stand-up comic and was not amused,
which is fine, sure not everybody has the same sense of humor.
there are some people in the world who cannot laugh.
lots of them are starving from malnutrition, others not so much ...

repeatedly, expectantly.

ok, i didn't rush into stage and eat the comedian,
but i doubt it'll be funny again.
they say i've somehow broken it, and can never laugh
in my presence again. they can never laugh in my presence


no, guys, i'm talking about eating babies.
kind of the same way these people treat pets.
why do people treat their babies
just like they treat their pets?

instead of the other way around?

would grill faster.

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