Saturday, January 9, 2010

Take What You Get

At least you thought I was cheating on you when you left me.
'God' forbid you found out what I was really working on.
In the nights, the blue demons come and seek me,
wanting the red, and to take it they would even leak me.

On a Saturday I usually like a lot more snowing.
Sadly the weather has left me with some piffling blow dust.
How can I throw snowballs in your face if
the consistencies of the heavens even deny me this?

So I retire to my room and play a stupid shooting game.
You get to be in clans, and be brothers with the idiots who play.
You take what you get. Never mind if I got sniped in the head,
at least I don't ache with the memories of your sweet glo-worm cheeks.

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