Thursday, February 16, 2017

There's no adversity. I want only nice, clean people to come in.

I don't want there to be a mess.
1-way, or 2-way; Children, you will have to learn
how to Switch.

Yes, we have a Nintendo in the White House.
The concept is: "We don't really care"
Irfan, you're hogging, yes, don't hog.

Please don't hog.

Remember Mario Kart,

Yes, remember battle mode.
Okay, I'm back. Children:

"Use the Nintendo Switch joycons and sort yourselves out."


Thank you for touching Melania, Ben of Israel, and I will also touch Sarah now, who is also, of Israel.

They represent my commitment to America, and her ... 

"Look, just milk the damn cows, ok?"

... and her, um, her constituents.

Okay. Everything is safe. Everything is safe and clean.

#TheLegendOfDonald, Breath of the ...[Unknown]

America is a system where the President! is important

So I managed to make the President the one who thinks the same as me.
I know there's other people out there too, congress, judge, and all
but they're also all the same now. It's lined up, we all agree, now.
I made the whole of America same as me, and now

I just don't know why this is happening. We don't know.
People disagreeing. People not accepting. The Snowflakes.


We gave them, these disagree-ers  8 whole years, and now, I'm almost 10
so why. Why, with a question mark this time (why?).

Why not agree with me. Question mark.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

There is no Trump, it is receding...

there is no trump, it is receding
a distant ship in the horizon.

the relevance of that animal is no longer important:
what I want you to accomplish is to love the people out there
who, yes, who would rather vote for racism and hate,
simply because their lives are fucked, I don't know

I have no idea what I would say to them, if I met them.

"You're not long-term sustainable" maybe.


Relax, I need some revelation, first.
When I was a child I have a fever,
my heads broke like two balloons
now I (my people, the humans I represent) have the fever once again!